J├╝rgen Craeye

Founder and manager, been active in the bicycle industry for 20 years.

Pioneer in professional cycling rental services and bikesharing, developer of software and hardware,

smart bicycle locks, management platforms and user apps.

A passion for sustainable urban bicycle logistics and, as a result, various innovative solutions "in development".

Also founder of the mobility organization Bycykel.

Smart mobility campus with the goal of accelerating sustainable urban mobility

The founding of RAAF had been planned for a while. However, Friday 13th of March 2020 became a symbolic day because it marked the start of the first corona lockdown in Belgium and it was also the start of an unprecedented crisis in the bicycle industry regarding the delivery of parts.

RAAF aims to develop and produce innovative, sustainable mobility solutions . Our main focus - cargo bike solutions for professionel end users.

There is a lot of know-how in Flanders/ Belgium and we will use it to the maximum in the development of new products and services. We are also convinced that we can produce locally and therefore give a boost to the manufacturing industry in Belgium.

The transition to sustainable urban mobility is gainning momentum, but there is a need for specific mobility solutions for professional end users and RAAF aims to become a key provider of innovative solutions.

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